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Science-based, compassionate, dog-centric training for you and your dog. Because the more you understand each other, the better your relationship will be. 


Private Training

In-home private training to help you, your family and your dog/s have the best relationship possible. Issues I can help you with include:

Building confidence in shy/fearful dogs

Learning how to understand your dog's emotions through Body Language 

Creating calm behavior

Jumpy/mouthy dogs

Coming when called

Multi-dog household management

Crate training

Puppy nipping/jumping

Behavior modification

Loose leash walking

Greeting behavior

Excessive barking

Destructive chewing


When needed, I will work with your Veterinarian, Vet Behaviorist, or Nutritionist to come up with a holistic plan to address your dog’s needs.

Prices: ​


Initial one-hour consultation $125

Subsequent 45-minute private session $95

3-pack $275

6-pack $525

1/2 hour phone follow-up (for "Packages" only) $50

30 minute phone coaching session $50

3-pack $125

15 minute phone coaching session $25

Mileage charge for travel beyond 15 miles:  $25 per session


Homecoming Coaching

Are you frustrated because your new family member isn’t adjusting to life in your home? Disappointed because he’s not behaving like other dogs you’ve adopted in the past? Do you think there’s something “wrong” with either you or your new dog?

  Often, our expectations for how soon our new family member will settle in are unrealistic and that can result in frustration, disappointment, possibly even returning the dog to the shelter, rescue or breeder.

   But never fear – just because your dog isn’t settling in as quickly as you had imagined, it doesn’t mean she’s “not a good fit.” It can take three months – sometimes much longer!  -- for your adopted pup to adjust to his new home. We know that for humans, “moving” is one of the top most stressful life events, so imagine how stressful it is for a dog! Just like humans, some dogs are more resilient than others and can bounce back from a stressful event quickly, settling in within a matter of days, while for others, it takes more time and the road is a little more, shall we say, bumpy?

I can help you over the bumpy parts and help make the transition less stressful for everyone involved – after all, it’s stressful for the humans, too, when Fluffy is having a hard time adjusting to her new life.


Initial one-hour consultation $125

Subsequent 45-minute in-person session $95

3-pack $275

6-pack $525

30 minute phone coaching session $50

3-pack $125

15 minute phone coaching session $25


Home Schooling
Out & About

Do you want to train your dog but just can’t seem to find the time to get to a class or meet with a trainer in your home? I can help with that.


With In-home Day Training, I’ll come to your home twice a week while you’re at work to teach your dog (or dogs!) the skills they need for the Behaviors you want them to work on, like Basic Manners or Polite Greetings, and then I will transfer the skills to you!

If your dog takes “going to town” a little too literally Out and About is the choice for you. If all the smells, sounds, and activities make Fido lose control and you despair of ever being able to walk down Warren Street without having your arm pulled out of its socket, or to have a chat with a friend while he lies down and relaxes, I can help with that.

I get it. It’s hard to try to teach your dog new skills AND watch for triggers at the same time! (Been there!) I can jump start your dog with the skills he needs to maneuver in the midst of exciting or scary distractions – resulting in an enjoyable walk, for both of you.

In-home Day Training and Out and About are multi-session packages in which I will work with your dog twice a week to build the skills she’ll need to navigate in the Real World, and, when she’s ready, taking the show on the road.

Packages include an initial Consultation, six or eight-weeks of sessions, and transfer sessions and the end of Week 3 and Week 6 (or Weeks 4 and 8). You will receive a concise description of each session with easy to follow instructions and videos so you can practice at your convenience.

Why 6-8 weeks? Because Rome wasn’t built in day – it takes time, consistency and repetition to establish new behaviors and each dog is an individual, with unique personalities, experiences, and abilities.  

6-week Package                1350.00

8-week Package                1725.00


Additional sessions per week available at $95/session.


Note: These programs are not appropriate for dogs with aggression towards people or other dogs, or for dogs with Separation Anxiety. For Aggression or Separation Anxiety, please consult a specialist in those areas.

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