Thank you for your interest in training with Second Act Dog Training. At this time, I am limiting my private clients to shy/fearful dogs. I am currently booked through December 2021. If you would like to get on a Waiting List for January 2022, please email me at 

See below for local trainers I recommend. 

Recommended Trainers and Classes

When looking for a trainer, don't be shy about asking questions! Dog training is a completely unregulated industry and anyone can say she or he or they is/are a "dog trainer" or "behavior consultant." You have a right, as your dog's guardian, to ask:

 -- What is your training philosophy?

 -- What tools do you use (or not use) in training?

 -- What certifications do you hold and what organization/s certified you?

 -- Where or with whom did you do your training?

 -- What is your experience as a dog trainer? 

 -- What organizations do you belong to? 


Here are some local trainers I know and recommend: 

Dogs of Hudson

Good Choice Dog Training (Albany)

Training For Animals (Berkshires)

Abbie Duchon (Ulster and Dutchess Counties) 845-663-1785