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Thank you for your interest in training with Second Act Dog Training. See the Home page for Services and Prices and then use the Contact Form below to set up a consultation.

What to look for in a Dog Trainer


When looking for a trainer, don't be shy about asking questions! Dog training is a completely unregulated industry and anyone can say she or he or they is/are a "dog trainer" or "behavior consultant." You have a right, as your dog's guardian, to ask:

 -- What is your training philosophy?

 -- What tools do you use (or not use) in training?

 -- What certifications do you hold and what organization/s certified you?

 -- Where or with whom did you do your training?

 -- What is your experience as a dog trainer? 

 -- What organizations do you belong to? 


If you are confused about the different kinds of Dog Training, you're not alone. Here is an article that describes them. 

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